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Professional Keynote Speaker in India

Whether you’re seeking a Keynote Speaker for a conference, a Facilitator for a strategic workshop, a Sales Trainer for achieving 10x revenue, a Mentor for enhancing personal life journey or a Corporate Coach for professional empowerment, the customized content that I create and deliver act as a powerful catalyst for Innovation, Imagination, and Inspiration.
Recognized as India’s Leading Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Mentor and a Coach who incorporates valuable content for business and personal growth with practical tools, I have a winning formula for building and mentoring teams which can add value to your business.
Recognized as the best keynote speaker in India, I incorporate valuable content for business and personal growth with practical tools. I also have a winning formula for building and mentoring teams that can add value to your business.

Based in Mumbai, India, I have been invited by many esteemed organizations to speak at their events as a keynote speaker to pump up the energy level and inspire the listeners to follow their passion and go beyond their call of duty.

My exposure across industries has made me India’s most prolific keynote speaker for corporate. I passionately facilitate sales, leadership, team building training programs, mentoring, corporate coaching, to name a few.

In the last two decades, I have inspired and trained over 20,000 people that include senior leaders, managers, and students, in India and all across the globe. Being a professional keynote speaker fuelling positive change for international audiences, I am known for creating interactive workshops that engage the audience, thereby inviting them to be an active participant in their success.

An ability to deliver life-changing and relevant messages in a powerful and insightful manner integrated with high energy helps me bring a difference with a difference!

Business Benefits Of Engaging A Keynote Speaker

  • Promotes Sales, Upsells, and Cross-Sells
A corporate keynote speaker can help drive sales of the company’s products, upsell customers to higher-value products, and cross-sell complementary products. This helps to increase profit margin and also results in word of mouth marketing.

  • Adds Credibility To Your Company’s Mission
While you do steer the ship, a second voice promoting your mission can be a great way to get your crew back on course. A professional keynote speaker with a story that ties into your business message can engage and elevate your workforce.

  • Inspires Your Team
A keynote speaker can help your employees to connect with your company’s mission. A speaker can impress your employees about your company’s mission and how every task they complete helps accomplish that mission.

  • Provides A Fresh Perspective
Perspective is a powerful tool. A keynote speaker can offer a fresh perspective so that your company encounters your message in a different light. This can lead to a variety of benefits.

Maximize Your Business Results With A Corporate Keynote Speaker

Engaging a corporate keynote speaker can help you in your business growth. Hiring the right speaker will not only help you in accomplishing your corporate goals but will also help alleviate the pressure you may be feeling to make your corporate event a success.

Sales Effectiveness Solutions
Guiding sales forces to achieve outstanding effectiveness through a customer-focused strategy based on value creation, differentiation and superior customer experience.
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A Focus on Customized Mentoring Training
Mentoring for superior customer service, effective use of technology, project management, creativity and innovation.
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Continuous Learning Approach
Helping CEOs, CFOs to adapt to the disruptive change that sweeps through the corporate learning and development organizations.
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Mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance where one person shares the knowledge, skills, and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.

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I present keynote addresses to help leaders and employees think about and handle a wide variety of work issues in more productive ways.

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sales training


Sales Training involves the personal development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities.

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image consulting


Image consultants advise individuals and companies on all aspects of personal appearance and how to make an impact.

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Mystery Shopping is a process in which a person visits a retail store, restaurant, bank branch or any such location.

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Why Choose Amiit?

  • I empower organizations to infuse a can-do attitude which brings in positive changes.
  • I provide coaching across industries which helps industrial leaders achieve their career goals.
  • I am committed to helping people learn about important topics in a way that provides lasting taking home value.

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What Our Customers Have To Say About Amiit

Shantaram Shinde
Business Leader - Netmagic Solutions
Amit comes with lot of energy which is must for a trainer. We enjoyed his training at CONVRGD on motivation and image building. He makes it so interactive and activity based, that you won't get a feel of classroom training.
Anil Pereira
Chief Operating Officer - Clinito.com
Amiit is one of those very few intellectuals that I have come across in Learning and Employee development. His involvement with the business, module selection & creation is commendable. In Classroom training, very few facilitators can keep the participants alive and engrossed.
Ajit Singh
Founder - Cognilarity
Amit and I worked together at Lionbridge. Amit is an all-time cheerful guy with a lot of personal warmth and utmost professional at the office. I have seen him as a meticulous manager who has always carried the team along. Amit's oral skills are fabulous and it appears that words freely ooze out giving out sound clarity of concept that he is trying to drive home.
Suresh Ramakrishnan
Executive Director - Trinity Academy
Amit stands true to his credentials. His experience in addressing atopic, engaging the attendees, using different exercise to drivehome a point and quoting real-life examples to help visualize ascenario proved effective in the first training he conducted atHaymarket.
Global Brand & Digital Marketing Head - Tech Mahindra
Amiit conducted a really immersive Change Management Workshop through An Everest Team Challenge for ourmarketing team at TechMahindra. Despite a very tight duration given to him for the session, his enthusiasm and communication was par excellence.